Yearbooks from the Milwaukee Braves

Milwaukee Braves Yearbooks

Although Milwaukee began seeking a major league baseball team in the 1930s, the city's efforts were not rewarded until 1953 when the Boston Braves received permission to move. 12,000 fans greeted the arriving team at the train station, while over 60,000 people lined Wisconsin Avenue for a welcoming parade. The Braves had several golden years in Milwaukee, winning the World Series in 1957 and the National League title in 1958. Team competitiveness and attendance began to decline in the 1960s though, and in 1965, the Braves moved to Atlanta. Included here are team yearbooks from 1954, 1955, and 1957, that feature such team stars as Warren Spahn and Hank Aaron.

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Creator: Milwaukee Braves
Pub Data: Milwaukee, Wis.: Milwaukee Braves, 1953-1965. (pamphlet 81-1875)
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