The early Jewish history of LaCrosse

La Crosse county historical society: early Jewish settlers

The first Jewish settler in LaCrosse arrived in 1845, after a six-day journey overland from Prairie du Chien. Other families followed, including many who escaped Germany after the 1848 revolution that brought so many non-Jewish Germans to Wisconsin. This short article reviews the first four decades of Jewish settlement in LaCrosse, from records kept by the earliest congregation and social service groups.

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19th-Century Immigration
Creator: Hershheimer, H.J.
Pub Data: La Crosse Tribune and Leader-Press, Jan. 22, 1933
Citation: Hershheimer, H.J. "La Crosse County Historical Society: Early Jewish Settlers " La Crosse Tribune and Leader-Press, Jan. 22, 1933. Online facsimile at:; Visited on: 7/5/2022