Polish Americans in Milwaukee start an ethnic newsletter, 1932

Milwaukee Society News

The Milwaukee Society was an organization of Polish American men who sought to both promote American citizenship and to preserve Polish cultural traditions. Polish American women could belong to the Ladies Auxiliary. In 1932, the Society began publishing a monthly newspaper to better inform its members of community activities and to attract new members of Polish ancestry. The newsletter covered all aspects of Polish American life, from politics and education, to arts and sports.

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Creator: Milwaukee Society
Pub Data: Milwaukee, Wis.: The Society, 1932. (pamphlet 97-2494 rare books)
Citation: "Milwaukee Society News." (Milwaukee, Wis.: The Society, 1932); Online facsimile at:  http://www.wisconsinhistory.org/turningpoints/search.asp?id=1337; Visited on: 8/4/2021