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A description of the Battle of Bad Axe, 1832

The Sauks and the Black Hawk War, with Biographical Sketches, Etc.

Perry Armstrong wrote one of the first comprehensive histories of the Black Hawk War in 1886. Based on interviews with participants and witnesses, as well as visits to prominent battle sites, Perry presented a surprisingly balanced and sympathetic portrait of Black Hawk and his people. In this section, Armstrong describes the massacre of Sauks at the cruelly misnamed Battle of Bad Axe in August of 1832. Over 400 Indians were killed despite repeated attempts to surrender to American forces. Included in the text is a letter written by Captain Throckmorton, captain of the steamboat Warrior that fired on the Indians.

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The Black Hawk War
Creator: Armstrong, Perry A.
Pub Data: Chapter 19 in Springfield, IL: H.W. Rokker, 1887. (E 83.83 A73 2 rare)
Citation: Armstrong, Perry A. The Sauks and the Black Hawk War, with Biographical Sketches, Etc. (Springfield, IL: H.W. Rokker, 1887). Online facsimile at Online facsimile at:; Visited on: 4/19/2014
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