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The Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railway Depot in La Crosse

Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul Railway Passenger Depot

The Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul (Milwaukee Road) Railway Passenger Depot was the final passenger depot to be constructed by the Milwaukee Railroad. The railway depot was designed by A. O. Lagerstrom and built in 1927. The railroad played a vital role in the city of LaCrosse. It was a needed connection across the Mississippi River to points as far west as Seattle. By 1886, the basic rail patterns were established in LaCrosse. The expansion of the railroad into LaCrosse made the city an important destination and stopping point. The 1878 Milwaukee Railroad depot in downtown LaCrosse was destroyed by fire on Christmas Eve, 1916. Temporary depots were set up until the construction of the CM&StP Railway Passenger Depot.

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Development of the Railroads
Creator: Lagerstrom, A.O.
Pub Data: Wisconsin National Register of Historic Places
Citation: The Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railway Depot. Wisconsin National Register of Historic Places. Online facsimile at:; Visited on: 4/16/2014
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