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A 1920s thematic gas station

Wadhams Gas Station

Wadhams Gas Station is a small, well designed, pagoda style, thematic gas station of the 1920s, and a rare reminder of a once prominent regional chain of over 100 pagoda gas stations. Its flamboyant roof was instantly recognizable, making the building the centerpiece of Wadhams market image. Harger W. Dodge, who became president of Wadhams Oil Company in 1916, saw the market potential of serving early auto owners, many of whom purchased gasoline in buckets to be stored at home. His solution was to introduce an off street gasoline distribution center or "gas station" to the upper Midwest, where an auto owner could transfer gasoline from underground storage tanks by means of easy to handle mechanical pumps.

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Related Topics: Industrialization and Urbanization
Automobile Culture
Creator: Eschweiler, Alexander C.
Pub Data: Wisconsin National Register of Historic Places.
Citation: Wadhams Gas Station. Wisconsin National Register of Historic Places. Online facsimile at:; Visited on: 4/24/2014
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