A look at Wisconsin industry on the eve of the Depression

On, Wisconsin! Official Magazine--Wisconsin State Chamber of Commerce

The Wisconsin State Chamber of Commerce produced this official state magazine in September 1929. Charged with promoting economic development to attract more people and money to Wisconsin, the State Chamber of Commerce was formed in the spring of 1929 and was comprised of representatives from commerce and trade organizations from all over the state. The Chamber of Commerce had two main objectives: to bring favorable attention to Wisconsin through publicity like this magazine and to influence and initiate business-related legislation. Produced on the eve of the October stock market crash that would plunge the nation into an economic depression, On, Wisconsin! provides a portrait of the state's industrial and agricultural development just before disaster struck it.

Related Topics: Industrialization and Urbanization
The Rise of Skilled Manufacturing
Depression and Unemployment
Creator: Wisconsin State Chamber of Commerce
Pub Data: Milwaukee, Wis. : Wisconsin State Chamber of Commerce, 1929. (pamphlet 01- 3510)
Citation: On, Wisconsin! (Milwaukee, Wis. : Wisconsin State Chamber of Commerce, 1929); online facsimile at http://www.wisconsinhistory.org/turningpoints/search.asp?id=1564 Online facsimile at:  http://www.wisconsinhistory.org/turningpoints/search.asp?id=1564; Visited on: 2/6/2023