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A Racine man looks back on his years with the underground railroad

Underground Railroad Manuscripts from the Wilbur H. Siebert Collection

From 1891 until near his death in 1961, Ohio State University history professor Wilbur H. Siebert collected materials about the underground railroad. His archives eventually filled dozens of boxes at the Ohio Historical Society, arranged by state. Excerpted here are letters by Reuben Gold Thwaites suggesting Wisconsin informants to Seibert, and letters sent by A.P. Dutton of Racine County to Seibert recalling his work helping fugitive slaves. These page images are used courtesy of the Ohio Historical Society (Wilbur H. Siebert Collection, MSS 116), who provide more information at Siebert's entire collection was microfilmed, and can be seen at the Society headquarters in Madison.

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Creator: Dutton, A. P.
Pub Data: Wilbur H. Siebert collection [microform]. ([Columbus]: Ohio Historical Society), reel 15.
Citation: "Underground Railroad Manuscripts from the Wilbur H. Siebert Collection (excerpts)." Wilbur H. Siebert Collection [microform]. ([Columbus]: Ohio Historical Society), reel 15. Online facsimile at Online facsimile at:; Visited on: 4/24/2014
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