A folding brochure for a Wisconsin Dells resort, ca. 1930

Dell View Hotel...

In 1925 an imaginative Chicago millionaire named William J. Newman decided to develop Delton, Wis., into an ultra-modern vacation resort. After buying up the necessary acreage along Dell Creek, he brought in engineers to build a 30-foot high dam where the creek entered the Wisconsin River. Then they piled a 1,000-foot long dike alongside the dam, sculpted 1,000 acres of artificial shoreline into prime tourist real estate, and began designing his resort. On July 27, 1927, he let the pretty little valley fill up with water and held a banquet to celebrate. By then his state-of-the-art Dell View Hotel was also ready. As this brochure illustrates, it included a bathing beach, golf course, trout pond, fish hatchery, hiking and horse trails, baseball diamond, amusement park, family cottages, and a nightclub with one of the best and largest dance floors in the state. For as little as $2.50 per day, visitors could have comfortable modern accommodations and explore the entire Dells region. A lock was built to enable small motorboats to travel into Lake Delton from the Wisconsin River, an airport was constructed for the convenience of wealthy tourists, and "almost numberless" summer cottages and substantial homes were soon going up along the lakeshore. For more details on the town's early history, see "Creating Lake Delton" in our Odd Wisconsin pages.

This brochure consists of a single 10 x 16 inch sheet which folds to 6 1/4 x 3 1/4 inches for easy display and mailing. As it unfolds, texts and images of different sizes open up to the reader. In the digital reproduction, page one is the front of the folded item, pages two is the front of the sheet completely unfolded, and the remaining pages show segments of the opposite side of the sheet; the final digital page is a separate "Rate Card" loosely inserted. Click on any image to zoom in, and use the "Print Version (PDF)" link at the upper right of the viewing frame to download a copy for closer inspection.

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Creator: Dell View Hotel
Pub Data: Lake Delton, Wis., ca. 1930; a single sheet, folded to create 7 pages, with a loosely inserted card, scanned from the original in the Wisconsin Historical Society Library pamphlet collection, call no. 08-1079.
Citation: Dell View Hotel : a new hotel on new Lake Delton at "The Dells": located at the heart of the Dells and Devil's Lake region of Wisconsin (Lake Delton, Wis., ca. 1930). Online facsimile at:  http://www.wisconsinhistory.org/turningpoints/search.asp?id=1685; Visited on: 6/22/2018