A Dells Tourist Brochure, 1932

Dells of the Wisconsin River.

Photographer H.H. Bennett (1843-1908) settled in Wisconsin Dells (then known as Kilbourn) in 1865 and over the next four decades was one of it chief promoters, ultimately earning the nickname, "Father of the Dells." His photographs of the area's remarkable landforms and its Ho-Chunk residents helped make the region a popular tourist destination. He distributed these images not only as traditional prints but also as stereopticon views, postcards, and booklets.

After Bennett's death, his children and grandchildren continued to operate his studio and promote their hometown. They issued colorful pamphlets and brochures such as the one shown here (click "View the Document" below) that were disseminated throughout the nation. This particularly fine example dates from 1932 and reproduces 26 of Bennett's earlier hand-tinted postcards. It was reprinted 5 times between 1932 and 1942 (later printings include a small map); the same title was used for entirely different Bennett Studio publications that appeared 1921-26, 1945-49, and 1952-57.

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Creator: H.H. Bennett Studio.
Pub Data: Wisconsin Dells, Wis.: H.H. Bennett Studio, 1932. Digitized from a duplicate copy of the 1932 issue found in box 25 of the Bennett Papers (MSS 935) in the Wisconsin Historical Society Archives.
Citation: H.H. Bennett Studio. Dells of the Wisconsin River (Wisconsin Dells, Wis.: H.H. Bennett Studio, 1932). Online facsimile at:  http://www.wisconsinhistory.org/turningpoints/search.asp?id=1691; Visited on: 11/27/2020