Madison's First Underground Newspaper, 1967-1969


Started by Stuart Ewen and Bob Gabriner in the spring of 1967, Connections was issued biweekly (more or less) during the height of Madison's anti-war protests. Its writers and artists commented on politics, the arts, drugs, music, literature, and events at the Univ. of Wisconsin, as well as advertising concerts, plays, and counter-culture shops and services. As with other examples of the underground press, readers should be prepared to encounter occasional profanity, nudity, and other potentially disturbing content.

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Vietnam and Opposition at Home
Creator: Ewen, Stuart; Gabriner, Robert
Pub Data: Madison, WI, 1967-1969. Scanned from Microfilm P77-5438 at the Wisconsin Historical Society.
Citation: Connections (Madison, Wis.: Connections, 1967-1969) Online facsimile at:; Visited on: 11/24/2020