An 1818 War Department report describes early U.S. fur trade policies.

Indian Trade: Report from the War Department

In this report, Secretary of War John C. Calhoun proposes to abolish the factory system which has been unsuccessful in protecting Indian rights from exploitation by traders. He also describes the history of U.S. Indian policy up to that time. This crude newspaper printing shows how official statements made their way to the population of the country. To see this report's official text, consult the American State Papers in the Library of Congress "A Century of Lawmaking" collection (at

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Creator: Calhoun, John C.
Pub Data: This report was originally published as "Alteration of the System for Trading with the Indians," doc. 157 in American State Papers: Indian Affairs, vol. 2 (1815-1827), pages 181-185. It was widely reprinted, and the newspaper printing given here is untraced.)
Citation: Calhoun, John C. "Indian Trade." Untraced newspaper article in the Wisconsin Historical Society Library. Online facsimile at:; Visited on: 6/26/2022