Memoirs of an influential Kenosha schoolteacher

Memoirs of Mary D. Bradford...

Forced by her father's ill health to begin teaching before she had even finished high school, Mary Bradford worked actively as an educator until 1922. Bradford describes how she first taught in small rural schools in Kenosha County, going on to teach at Central State Teachers College in Stevens Point and the Stout Training School. Eventually appointed the Superintendent of Schools in Kenosha, Bradford instituted kindergarten, vocational programs, breakfast for needy children, courses in citizenship and health, and worked to have an independent procurement and hiring process.

Related Topics: Immigration and Settlement
The Founding of Social Institutions
Creator: Bradford, Mary D.
Pub Data: Evansville, Wis., 1932.
Citation: Bradford, Mary D. Memoirs of Mary D. Bradford... (Evansville, Wis., 1932); Online facsimile at:
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