John Nolen envisions the future of Madison, 1911

Madison: a model city

John Nolen, a landscape architect from Massachusetts, devised this plan for the future growth and development of Madison as both the capital of the state and the home of its university. Dividing his work into three parts, Nolan envisioned Madison as a place for politics, education, and, most of all, for living. Nolan submitted the plan to the Directors of the Madison Park and Pleasure Drive Association in 1911.

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The Founding of Major Cities
Creator: Nolen, John, 1869-1937.
Pub Data: Boston, Mass., 1911.
Citation: Nolen, John. Madison: a model city. (Boston, Mass., 1911); Online facsimile at:
istory.NolenMadsn; Visited on: 11/28/2021