Exhibit of correspondence of John and Priscilla Holloway at Marquette University

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The papers of John and Priscilla Holloway form one of the largest collections of World War II-era correspondence by Wisconsin residents. John and Priscilla, both former students of Marquette University, exchanged more than 1,300 letters from 1942-1946. John's letters describe his training at Camp Shelby, Mississippi, and his service in the South Pacific. Priscilla's letters document the Milwaukee homefront. Her letters describe planned blackouts during the summer of 1942, the disappearance of former Mayor Carl Zeidler in the Atlantic, reactions to the atomic bombing of Japan, and the death of President Roosevelt.

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The World War II Military and Home Fronts
Creator: Holloway, John and Priscilla
Pub Data: Marquette University Digital Collections
Citation: Holloway, John and Priscilla. WWII Correspodance of John and Priscilla Holloway. Marquette University Digital Collections. Online at http://www.marquette.edu/library/collections/archives/projects/holloway/index.html Online facsimile at:  http://www.marquette.edu/library/collections/archives/projects/ho
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