An 1874 guide to travel on the Great Lakes and Rivers of America

Sailing on the Great Lakes and Rivers of America; embracing a description of lakes Erie, Huron, Michigan & Superior, and rivers St. Mary, St. Clair, Detroit, Niagara & St. Lawrence; also, the copper, iron and silver region of Lake Superior, commerce of the Lakes, etc...

John Disturnell, a prominent 19th century publisher of maps and travel guides, compiled this book on the Great Lakes and rivers of the northern United States. Disturnell's exhaustive guide included information on the mineral resources of the Lake Superior region, attractions in various towns, maps, and transportation routes throughout the region.

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Creator: Disturnell, John
Pub Data: Philadelphia, J. Disturnell, 1870.
Citation: Disturnell, John. Sailing on the Great Lakes and Rivers of America. (Philadelphia, 1870); Online facsimile at:
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