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A visitor publishes the first description of Aztalan in 1837.

Letter to editor, Feb. 25, 1837, with illustration

This 1837 newspaper article, with the first illustration of Aztalan, helped spark public interest in Wisconsin's Indian mounds and archaeology. Hyer knew that he was an amateur but his article soon prompted the more careful investigations by Taylor and Lapham. He explains why he gave the site the fanciful name Aztalan which, unfortunately, has persisted. Because it was scanned from microfilm, we've made each column available as a separate unit to improve legibility.

There is a lesson plan based on this document available.

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Related Topics: Early Native Peoples
Mississippian Culture and Aztalan
Creator: Hyer, Nathaniel F.
Pub Data: Milwaukee Advertiser, Feb. 25, 1837, p. 2.
Citation: Hyer, Nathaniel F. "Letter to editor, with illustration." (Milwaukee Advertiser, 25 February 1837: 2). Online facsimile at:; Visited on: 4/24/2014
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