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An officer's daughter recalls her girlhood at Fort Howard, 1824-29.

Reminiscences of the Northwest

Mary Ann Brevoort Bristol, the daughter of Major Henry B. Brevoort, spent much of her youth in Green Bay at Fort Howard, witnessing the interactions between the military, white settlers, and Indians. She describes here daily life in Fort Howard and the area around Green Bay as it appeared to a teenage girl in the 1820's.

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Early U.S. Settlement
Creator: Bristol, Mary Ann Brevoort, 1812?-1899?
Pub Data: Wisconsin Historical Collections, vol. 8 (Madison, 1879): 293-308.
Citation: Bristol, Mary Ann Brevoort. "Reminiscences of the Northwest." Wisconsin Historical Collections, vol. 8 (Madison, 1879): 293-308. Online facsimile at:; Visited on: 4/15/2014
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