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Wisconsin delegates at the 1860 Republican convention

Recalls Lincoln and part La Crosse delegates took in nomination and election

This newspaper article reprints a memoir by one of the Wisconsin delegates to the 1860 Republican Party convention that nominated Lincoln for president. That delegate, one "Mr. Lottridge," had written it for La Crosse resident Ellis B. Usher prior to his death in 1911, and Usher shared it with the LaCrosse Tribune a dozen years later. It gives a colorful glimpse into how political conventions were managed a century and a half ago, and the part Wisconsin played in helping Lincoln win the nomination of his party.

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Wisconsin and the Republican Party
Creator: Lottridge, -
Pub Data: La Crosse Tribune, Feb. 17, 1923.
Citation: Lottridge, -. "Recalls Lincoln and part La Crosse delegates took in nomination and election." La Crosse Tribune, Feb. 17, 1923; Online facsimile at:; Visited on: 4/23/2014
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