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An early Milwaukee settler recalls the city's infancy

George P. Delaplaine's statement: Recollections [of 1830s Milwaukee]

George P. Delaplaine came to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in 1835 with surveyor Garret Vliet. After spending the winter surveying around Oconomowoc, Delaplaine returned to Milwaukee in 1836 and became a clerk for Solomon Juneau. Here, in a statement made in 1887, Delaplaine recollects life in 1830s Milwaukee where he associated with numerous early settlers, including Andrew Vieau. Note: this manuscript has not yet been transcribed.

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Related Topics: Immigration and Settlement
The Founding of Major Cities
Creator: Delaplaine, George Patten, 1814-1895.
Pub Data: Manuscript in the Wisconsin Historical Society Archives (SC 2229); also printed in Wisconsin Historical Collections, Vol. XI, pp. 243-246
Citation: Delaplaine, George Patten. "Recollections, undated." Manuscript in the Wisconsin Historical Society Archives (SC 2229); Online facsimile at:; Visited on: 4/18/2014
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