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The second annual report of the state geologist, 1855

Annual report on the geological survey of the State of Wisconsin (1855)

From 1835 to 1841 Percival had been in charge of the geological survey in Connecticut. Named to the same post in Wisconsin in 1854, he produced two annual reports before dying on the job in 1856. He was an erudite scholar and accomplished poet, and his geological reports reveal the habits of a Romantic versifier and eccentric pedant rather than those of a mining engineer or entrepreneur. His final report is the last item listed in the volume of state government publications linked below.

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Creator: Percival, James Gates, 1795-1856.
Pub Data: In: Governor's message and accompanying documents (Madison, 1855)
Citation: Percival, James Gates. "The second annual report of the state geologist, 1855." In: Governor's message and accompanying documents(Madison, 1855); Online facsimile at:; Visited on: 4/20/2014
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