Peshtigo residents look back, 50 years after the Great Fire

History of the Peshtigo fire, October 8, 1871

On Oct. 8-9, 1871, a forest fire burned an area 10 miles wide and 40 miles long across portions of six northeastern counties, obliterating the towns of Peshtigo and Brussels and killing 1,000-1,500 people. As the 50th anniversary of Wisconsin's most famous natural disaster approached, Rev. Kurt Geyer of Peshtigo put on paper information he had heard from parishioners, seen in publications, or knew first-hand. Following his article (on pages 7-10) are recollections by other residents of northeast Wisconsin prompted by the 50th anniversary of the conflagration.

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Creator: Geyer, Kurt R. F., Rev.
Pub Data: Peshtigo Times, Oct. 6, 1921
Citation: Geyer, Rev. Kurt. "History of the Peshtigo Fire, October 8, 1871." Peshtigo Times, Oct. 6, 1921; Online facsimile at:; Visited on: 2/6/2023