Victor Berger, the first Socialist elected to Congress

Berger long a dynamo of the socialists

Born in Austria-Hungary, Victor Berger came to Milwaukee in 1878 and taught public school before becoming editor of several German-language and socialist newspapers. Berger founded the U.S. Socialist Party and was the first Socialist elected to Congress. His opposition to World War I was highly unpopular and led Congressmen to refuse to let him occupy the Congressional seat he had rightly won for a time. This article, published the year Berger died, provides an overview of his life and the controversy that surrounded him.

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Milwaukee Sewer Socialism
Creator: Milwaukee Sentinel
Pub Data: Milwaukee Sentinel. 17 July 1929.
Citation: "Berger long a dynamo of the socialists." Milwaukee Sentinel. (17 July 1929); Online facsimile at:; Visited on: 11/29/2021