A traveling debate on the merits of Socialism (1913)

The Bede-Siedel Debate: on Socialism

In a series of debates on the question "is socialism desirable for the United States?", former Minnesota Congressman J. Adam Bede and former Socialist mayor of Milwaukee Emil Seidel traveled the United States throughout the Chautauqua season of 1913. Chautauqua had its beginnings in the lyceum movement of the 1820s and was intended to foster self-improvement through lectures, discussions, and debates on literary, scientific, and moral topics. This brochure serves as an advertisement for the debate between Bede and Siedel.

Related Topics: The Progressive Era
Milwaukee Sewer Socialism
Creator: Redpath Chautauqua
Pub Data: 191-?
Citation: "The Bede-Siedel Debate: on Socialism." (19-?); Online facsimile at:  http://sdrcdata.lib.uiowa.edu/libsdrc/details.jsp?id=/bedeseidel/
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