The state of Wisconsin's environment, 1934.

New conservation era dawns for Wisconsin; drought proves spur

By the 1930's, the devastating effect of clear cutting northern forests had become obvious and a few voices were beginning to call for better management of natural resources. At the same time, large-scale unemployment created a labor pool to carry out conservation work. In 1934 a state report urged that Wisconsin follow the lead of the federal Civilian Conservation Corps in bringing these two forces together. This article summarizes that report and outlines the state of Wisconsin's environment at the time that the modern environmental movement was in its infancy.

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The Modern Environmental Movement
Creator: Colby, James J.
Pub Data: Milwaukee Sentinel, November 25, 1934
Citation: Colby, James J. "New conservation era dawns for Wisconsin; drought proves spur." Milwaukee Sentinel, November 25, 1934. Online facsimile at:; Visited on: 8/10/2020