Interviews with Madison residents after the attack on Pearl Harbor

"Man-on-the-Street," Madison, Wisconsin, December 9, 1941

Two days after Pearl Harbor was attacked by the Japanese, Leland Coon conducted a series of interviews with people in Madison. In this excerpt, Coon discusses the attack and the war as a whole with a mother, the director of a private business school, two students, a college professor, and two single women. Both the audio and transcripts are provided.

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The World War II Military and Home Fronts
Creator: Coon, Leland.
Pub Data: Created December 9, 1941.
Citation: Coon, Leland. ""Man-on-the-Street," Madison, Wisconsin, December 9, 1941." Sound recording; Online facsimile at:; Visited on: 4/25/2018