Memories by a Wisconsin commander of Black troops in the Civil War.

The Negro in the War

Wisconsin attorney George Sutherland (1843-1899) came to Wisconsin as a child and had returned to his native New York for high school when the Civil War broke out. He rose through the ranks to become captain of the 13th Regiment of U.S. Colored Heavy Artillery, raised from ex-slaves in Kentucky, and led them through action in 1864-1865, during which time he was wounded and imprisoned. Finishing his education after the war, he returned to Fond du Lac County and became a well-known lawyer, judge, and state legislator. In this historical address given 25 years after the war, he recounts the history of the formation of Black regiments in the Union Army. On pages 6-9 he offers many personal reflections on life among the Black troops, including memories of their military skill, personal life in camp, and religion.

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Creator: Sutherland, George Eaton, 1843-1899
Pub Data: Milwaukee Sunday Telegraph, Oct. 7, 1888.
Citation: Sutherland, George Eaton. "The Negro in the War." Milwaukee Sunday Telegraph, Oct. 7, 1888. Online facsimile at:; Visited on: 9/25/2022