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Search Tips

Basic Search
On the home page, use the search box to discover what's included on the Turning Points site. This basic search will retrieve words used in the descriptions of Turning Points materials, including authors, titles, subjects (including county names), captions, and annotations. But it won't search inside the texts of any documents.

Advanced Search
to combine multiple serach terms, use drop-down boxes containing more than 300 specific subjects. Combine them with the Boolean operators "and," "or," and "not."

10 broad topics in Wisconsin history are listed on the home page. Click one to see particular events related to it, and then click on any event to find resources about it. A short essay with the basic facts, primary sources from Wisconsin Historical Society collections, and other Web resources related to each event are all grouped together. You can quickly find a wealth of information about 50 pivotal events from Wisconsin's past.


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