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Matching Gifts

When you make a gift to the Wisconsin Historical Society, you can double or even triple the total gift amount if you work for a company that has a matching gifts program!

Matching gifts programs allow you, as an employee, to direct your organization's corporate philanthropy to benefit the Society. The amount of the matching gift ranges from a direct one-to-one match of a contribution to a three-to-one match now in effect at a few corporations. While eligibility for matching gifts varies among companies, many employers will also match gifts from retired employees, corporate directors, and employees' spouses or widows and widowers of former employees. There are also some private foundations and associations that provide matching funds.

To find out if your company, foundation, or association has a matching gift program contact your company's Personnel or Human Resources department. Participation procedures vary. If your program includes a printed form, please complete the form and mail it to: Wisconsin Historical Foundation / 816 State St / Madison, WI 53706-1462. If you prefer, you may fax it to: 608-264-6542, attention Wisconsin Historical Foundation.

For more information or to discuss coordinating a matching gift to the Society, please contact Diane Nixa at 608-261-1378.


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