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Gifts of Stock

Consider using appreciated stock to support the Wisconsin Historical Society's programs and services. This allows you to make a gift and receive a charitable deduction equal to the full fair market value of the securities. You pay no capital gains tax on your gift. There are several ways to give a gift of stock for the Wisconsin Historical Society through the Wisconsin Historical Foundation.

How to make a gift of securities:

Method 1 - Electronic Transfers
(For Common Stock held at your Financial Institution)
Instruct your firm in writing to deliver the desired securities to Robert W. Baird & Co. Inc., DTC # 0547, with further credit to Wisconsin Historical Foundation, account #87488961. Please request that your firm include the donor's information (your name - unless you wish to remain anonymous) with the transfer. Electronic transfers are generally completed in one to two days.

Method 2 - Stock Certificate
(It is not necessary to have the certificate re-titled in the name of Wisconsin Historical Foundation.)
If you hold the stock certificate, we recommend you:

  • Mail the unendorsed certificate directly to Robert W. Baird & Co. Inc., Attn: Laufman / Weinbach, 8000 Excelsior Drive, Ste 201, Madison, WI 53717. Include a letter of instruction stating that the enclosed certificate is a gift to the Wisconsin Historical Foundation. NOTE: For security reasons, we recommend NOT endorsing the certificate.
  • Upon receipt of the certificate, Baird will send you a stock power form simply requiring your signature. Mail this to Baird in the business reply envelope provided.

Important : We can not negotiate the certificate without the letter of instruction and the stock power, both signed by all persons whose names appear on the stock certificate.

Method 3 - Mutual Funds
There is no single method to transfer shares of a mutual fund to the Wisconsin Historical Foundation. Call your fund's 800 number and ask for instructions on transferring shares from your account to the Wisconsin Historical Foundation. In some instances, you may authorize the fund to work directly with Baird to facilitate the transfer. Other mutual funds may require the Wisconsin Historical Foundation to open an account with the fund to accept a transfer. Usually you will need to send a letter of instruction, indicating the number of shares and authorizing the transfer to the Wisconsin Historical Foundation's account. Once the transfer occurs, the Foundation will liquidate that account and a check will be issued to the Foundation. The Foundation will consider your contribution equal to the full amount of the value of the mutual fund on the day of the transfer.

For all gifts of securities, please contact Leslie Luttig or Rick Rieder of the Laufman / Weinbach Group at Robert W. Baird & Co. Inc. at 608-831-1100 or 800-888-4792. This will insure that the gift is received and properly credited to the Wisconsin Historical Foundation.

Please also notify Diane Nixa at the Wisconsin Historical Foundation when a stock transfer is initiated. This allows us to give credit to the proper donor when the gift arrives.


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