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Wisconsin Historical Images

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"Bum" Asleep in Hay, 1927
Squatters at Stone Quarry
Squatters at Stone Quarry, 1931
"King Joe," Hobo King, 1933
Manacled Prisoner
Manacled Prisoner, 1933
Mr. Gannon and Cook in Transient Home
Mr. Gannon and Cook in Transient Home, 1933
George Smith, Hermit
George Smith, Hermit, 1934
Migrant Mother Variation
Migrant Mother Variation, 1936
Betsy Flood Victims
Betsy Flood Victims, 1965
Homeless Man near Fire
Homeless Man near Fire, 1969
Homeless Man
Homeless Man, 2003
Recycling Man
Recycling Man, 2009
Homeless Man on Church Steps
Homeless Man on Church Steps, 2012
Flood Victims
Flood Victims
Page 1 of 1 (13 Records)
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