The History of Wisconsin Volume V: War, a New Era, and Depression, 1914-1940

By Paul W. Glad

Hardcover: $40.00

ISBN: 978-0-87020-260-5

662 pages, 68 b/w photos and illus., 26 maps, 6 x 9"


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This volume covers the years from the outbreak of World War I to the eve of American entry into World War II. In between, the rise of the woman's movement, the advent of universal suffrage, and the "great experiment" of Prohibition are explored, along with the contest between newly emergent labor unions and powerful business and industrial corporations. Author Paul W. Glad also investigates the Great Depression in Wisconsin and its impact on rural and urban families in the state. Photographs and maps further illustrate this volume which tells the story of one of the most exciting and stressful eras in the history of the state.

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