Mapping Wisconsin History: Teacher's Guide and Student Materials, on CD

By Wisconsin Cartographers' Guild and Bobbie Malone

CD-ROM format $39.95 ISBN: 978-0-07020-508-8


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"'Mapping Wisconsin History' is one example of an educational renaissance underway in Wisconsin schools, as students receive new and compelling tools for studying the history and geography of our state." -Gaylord Nelson

The joy of maps abounds in this exciting CD of classroom materials from the Wisconsin Historical Society's Office of School Services and the Wisconsin Cartographers' Guild, creators of the best-selling book, "Wisconsin's Past and Present: A Historical Atlas." For use either independently or as a companion to the Atlas, this publication includes�color and black and white maps�depicting landscape and glaciation; American Indians; migration and ethnic settlement; cities and counties; mining; timber; agriculture; and industry and transportation. Background information, classroom activities, and worksheets give educators the opportunity to explore and integrate Wisconsin history and geography with students from grades four and up.

The Wisconsin Cartographers' Guild members for this project are Amelia Janes, Zoltan Grossman, and Michael Gallagher.