Working with Water: Wisconsin Waterways Teacher's Guide

By Bobbie Malone, Jefferson J. Gray, and Anika Fajardo

Paperback: $39.95

ISBN: 978-0-87020-331-2

122 pages, 29 photos, 16 maps, 22 charts, 8.5x11" Includes 24x32" map which folds to 8x8"


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With two or three activities provided for each chapter, the "Working with Water" Teacher's Guide is designed to engage students in a more in-depth exploration of the content introduced in the text. These activities, suggested for both individual and small group purposes, demand the use of higher-level thinking skills while integrating a wide range of learning styles, and all have culminating components that can be used for assessment. A large two-color fold-out map of Wisconsin's major watersheds and easily reproducible student pages, including maps and historic photographs, are included in the guide.

Also available: "Working with Water" Student Reader