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Learning from the Land, Wisconsin Land Use; Teachers Guide and Student Materials, 2nd Edition, on CD

By Bobbie Malone and Anika Fajardo

Hardcover: $49.95
ISBN: 978-0-87020-481-4
CD-ROM format

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A digital version of the "Learning from the Land, Teacher's Guide and Student Materials" is now available on CD and has also been updated to accompany the revised student reader.

"Learning from the Land: Teacher's Guide and Student Materials" is designed to engage students in a more in-depth exploration of the content introduced in the text. Two or more activities are provided for each of the eight chapters in the text. Several of these activities center on geographical skills such as map-reading (historical, topographical, contemporary) and map-making. These activities demand the use of higher-level thinking skills while integrating a wide range of learning styles. Activities are suggested for both individual and small group purposes. Easily reproducible maps are included in the guide. Additionally, an assessment is available for each chapter.

Also available: "Learning from the Land" Student Reader, 2nd Edition - revised and expanded!

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