Wisconsin Korean War Stories: Veterans Tell Their Stories from the Forgotten War

By Sarah A. Larsen and Jennifer M. Miller

Paperback: $24.95

ISBN: 978-0-87020-394-7

288 pages, 131 photos, 5 maps, 8 x 9"


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Wisconsin Veterans Tell Their Stories From the Forgotten War

A companion book to the documentary produced by Wisconsin Public Television, "Wisconsin Korean War Stories" tells the story of the "forgotten war" through first-person interviews, photographs and letters. These are the voices of green infantrymen who fought and failed to take Heartbreak Ridge, of farm boys from the heartland who survived three years as prisoners of war, and of small-town nurses in MASH units who treated the wounded and sometimes sent them back into the fray. From enlistment to front line combat, air support missions to dreams of home on moonless nights, "Wisconsin Korean War Stories" is an unforgettable collection.

"Wisconsin Korean War Stories" is a partnership of the Wisconsin Historical Society and Wisconsin Public Television, in association with the Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs. This project includes the "Wisconsin Korean War Stories" Documentary Film.

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Sarah A. Larsen spent countless hours as a production assistant for the documentary produced in partnership with this project, screening and interviewing the men and women whose stories appear in these pages. A graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Larsen also worked on the production of "Wisconsin World War II Stories" with the History Unit of Wisconsin Public Television.

Jennifer M. Miller has taught history at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and is a member of the Society for American Foreign Relations. She received her Master's degree in 2005, and is currently working on a Ph.D. in American-Japanese relations in the 1950s.

They are also the authors of "Wisconsin Vietnam War Stories: Our Veterans Remember."

"Marty Russ, David Halberstam — a lot of us including myself — have written of Korea and its 'coldest' war. For an entire state to salute its own veterans of that war is astonishing. Well done, Wisconsin! The stories are superbly reported, meticulously and soberly. Wisconsin vets and their families and friends will be moved and should be proud."  —James Brady, Korean veteran and author of "Why Marines Fight" and "The Coldest War: A Memoir of Korea"

"The experiences of these veterans are important to remember as they provide insight into the lives of ordinary citizens during extraordinary times. ... This is a publication worthy of its subject." —Richard Zeitlin, Former Director, Wisconsin Veterans Museum

"This important collection moves beyond the high-ranking diplomatic personnel and prominent military strategists to bring the Korean War home in ways that are too often ignored. Here is the real 'Forgotten War,' told by those on the front lines who will never forget it. Mesmerizing, powerful reading." —Mitchell Lerner, Associate Professor of History, Ohio State University