Learning from the Land: Wisconsin Land Use, 2nd Edition

By Bobbie Malone

Paperback: $15.95

ISBN: 978-0-87020-464-7

160 pages, 200 illus., 8 x 7, Revised and Expanded Edition


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How has the landscape of Wisconsin affected its history? How have people living here changed that landscape over time? What are the implications for the future? The second edition of "Learning from the Land" addresses these and other questions, asking elementary and middle school readers to think about land use issues throughout Wisconsin's history. This revised edition includes expanded chapters on logging and the lumber industry, land use and planning, and agriculture in the 20th century from farmers' markets to organic farming. New profiles of Gaylord Nelson, pioneer of Earth Day, and Will Allen, founder of Growing Power in Milwaukee, round out this history of land use in Wisconsin.

Also available: "Learning from the Land; Teacher's Guide and Student Materials," 2nd Edition, on CD