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Jerry Apps has been a rural historian and environmental writer for more than forty years. He has published books on many rural topics, including "Every Farm Tells a Story," "Living a Country Year," "Horse-Drawn Days," "Barns of Wisconsin," and "Old Farm." He is a former county extension agent and professor at the University of Wisconsin College of Agricultural and Life Sciences and a lifelong vegetable gardener.

As chief photographer for the "Wisconsin State Journal," Steve Apps has covered a wide range of assignments, including the Green Bay Packers and University of Wisconsin–Madison sports. In 2008 he received the Pro Football Hall of Fame's Dave Boss Award of Excellence; his photo "First Down" was selected Photograph of the Year for 2007. In his time off Steve loves to travel the state documenting Wisconsin and all its beauty.

Ruth Apps has a degree in home economics education from the University of Wisconsin–Stout. She has worked for the University of Wisconsin as a county home economics agent and for Madison Area Technical College. Ruth has canned, frozen, and otherwise prepared garden produce since she and Jerry were married. She makes pumpkin pie from real pumpkins.

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