Sterling North and the Story of Rascal

By Sheila Cohen

Paperback: $12.95

ISBN: 978-0-87020-735-8

120 pages, 56 b/w photos, 7 x 9


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Moonbeam Children's Book Award Gold Medal Winner 2016!

Learn how childhood adventures inspired Wisconsin writer Sterling North to pen one of the best-selling children's books of all time, Rascal, in the Wisconsin Historical Society Press's new book for young readers, Sterling North: and the Story of Rascal. Rascal was the name of North's childhood pet, a raccoon he befriended in the early 1900s after his mother died of pneumonia when North was just 7 years old. Together, North and Rascal enjoyed many adventures and changing times in their hometown of Edgerton, Wis., including witnessing the effects of World War I, the Spanish flu, and the invention of the automobile as well as enjoying the adventures of camping, fishing and racing the streets of Edgerton on North's trusty blue bicycle. These were the experiences North drew upon for his beloved children's book, one of many books the award-winning author wrote during his celebrated career. Sterling North: and the Story of Rascal is the newest addition of the Society Press's Badger Biographies Series.

Sheila Terman Cohen is the author of several Badger Biographies stories, including Gaylord Nelson: Champion of the Earthand Mai Ya’s Long Journey. Her latest book, an adult non-fiction book, Jews in Wisconsin is a part of the Wisconsin Historical Society Press’s People in Wisconsin Series. Cohen studied journalism at the University of Wisconsin and has written articles for newspapers in Madison, Wisconsin, where she and her husband live and have raised their family.