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Wisconsin Local History & Biography Articles

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This field is required. Enter any word or phrase to search headlines of articles, last names, and subject terms. For example, entering the Keyword "Adams" will retrieve articles with Adams in the headline and articles where a person has Adams for a last name. Do not use Boolean operators (and, or, not); use Advanced Search instead. It is not possible to search the full text of articles.
Location Field:
This field is optional. It restricts the Keyword search to articles about a specific community. For example, entering "Adams" as a Keyword and "Milwaukee" in the Location field will retrieve articles about people named Adams who have a Milwaukee connection.
The results of your search will be arranged in a table of citations. Each citation includes the full headline, date, and location of an article. 50 articles are cited on each screen, arranged with the oldest at the top of the table. Hot links at the top of each screen carry you through tables having more than 50 citations. If you get too many results, try an Advanced Search instead.
For more tips on searching, go to Frequently Asked Questions
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