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Date: 1770 ca.

Description: Map of North America showing the boundaries between French, Spanish, and English claims after the French and Indian War. Kitchin includes numerous place na...

Biographical Book Excerpt

Frazer, William C.

Date: 1776-1838

Biographical Book Excerpt

Decorah, One-eyed

Date: 1772-1864

Biographical Book Excerpt

Lyon, William

Date: 1777-

County: Walworth

Newspaper Article/Clipping


Date: 1775-1859

Biographical Book Excerpt

Stewart, Robert D.

Date: 1779-1848

County: Brown

Biographical Book Excerpt

Noble, Nathan

Date: 1725-1777

Date: 1774-07 

Description: Back page of a letter written and signed by Dan Smith.

Biographical Book Excerpt

Slover, John

Date: 1773-1782

Date: 1777 

Description: This detailed map of the American colonies shows cities, villages, roads, mountains, lakes, rivers, swamps, counties, state boundaries, and Native American...

Date: 1776-10 

Description: Broadside map showing the British invasion of New York city in August and September of 1776. The map shows important cities, forts, roads, hills, mountains...

Date: 1775 

Description: Map of Boston and surrounding regions, from Massachusetts Bay to the Connecticut River, and including part of southern New Hampshire. It shows the colonies...

Newspaper Article/Clipping

Peche, Henri

Date: 1779-

Date: 1774 

Description: Ticket for the Harvard College Lottery.

Biographical Book Excerpt

Pulaski, Kazimierz

Date: 1748-1779

Biographical Book Excerpt

Murray, Heman

Date: 1778-1848

County: Rock

Date: 1775-1855


Burel, Lucy

Date: 1773-1883

Date: 1772 ca.

Description: Map of the north west portion of America and Canada, as well as a small section of eastern Russia. Lakes, rivers, Native American land and the occasional...

Biographical Book Excerpt

Clark, William

Date: 1770-1838

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