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Biographical Book Excerpt

Thacher, Peter Oxenbridge

Date: 1776-1843

Newspaper Article/Clipping

Doty, Eunice Bishop (Longworth)

Date: 1771-1846

Community: Allouez

County: Brown

Historic Name: Tank Cottage

Reference Number: 1778

Biographical Book Excerpt

Ross, Friend

Date: 1778-1879

County: Eau Claire

Map or Atlas

Map of the Ohio River

Date: 1778 

Description: A map of the rapids in the River Ohio.

Date: 1776 ca.

Description: Map of Virginia and parts of Maryland and Delaware (written "De La War"). It shows borders, counties, cities, towns, plantations (marked by landowners name...

Date: 1777 

Description: A pay roll, handwritten by Captain Joseph Martin, listing men under the command of Major Bledsoe at Rye Cove on Clinck.

Date: 1778-1887

Biographical Book Excerpt

Noble, Nathan

Date: 1725-1777

Date: 1779-1883

Biographical Book Excerpt

Henry, James

Date: 1771-1812

Date: 1775-1876

Biographical Book Excerpt

Shurtleff, Roswell

Date: 1773-1861

Biographical Book Excerpt

Decorah, One-eyed

Date: 1772-1864

Date: 1774-10-12 

Description: A repaired letter written by Arthur Campbell to William Preston.

Date: 1775 

Description: Detail of Pennsylvania map showing Chester, Philadelphia, and Bucks counties.

Date: 1777 

Description: A pay roll handwritten by Captain Joseph Martin listing men stationed on the Frontiers of Washington County under the command of Colonel Evan Shelby.

Biographical Book Excerpt


Date: 1775-1859


Vroman, Mary

Date: 1778-1876

Biographical Book Excerpt

Frazer, William C.

Date: 1776-1838

County: Milwaukee

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