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Nonprofit board members must follow certain legal standards to protect the interests of members, sponsors, and donors.

Get to Know Your Elected Officials and their Staff

Government outreach for advocates means two things: establishing relationships with the right people, and knowing who does what.

Learn how to reduce your heating and air conditioning costs by insulating and sealing basement or crawl space areas of your house.

National History Day in Wisconsin

Check out a sample schedule to help you prepare for your own National History Day event

Student Guides to NHD

Learn about creating a History Day website

Learn how to repair mortar on your historic brick, stone or stucco building.

Wisconsin has many inspiring examples of historic preservationists and artists working together to accomplish great things.

Learn how to advocate for the preservation of historic buildings and resources in your community.

Guide or Instruction

Passenger Lists Research Tips

Learn tips for using passenger lists for family history research.

By using a committee governance structure, your nonprofit board can divide up its work into more manageable tasks.

Learn about assessing the condition of the structure, floors, ceilings, walls and fixtures of a historic building.

National History Day in Wisconsin

What to do after holding a National History Day event at your school

Learn how archaeologists request approval from the Director of the Wisconsin Historical Society

Guide or Instruction

Death Records Research Tips

Learn tips for using death records for family history research.

Guide or Instruction

Cemetery Records Research Tips

Learn tips for using cemetery records for family history research.

Explore this in-depth online training for preservation commissioners.

Learn about ice damming and how to prevent it.

To find and attract major donors to your nonprofit organization, you need a long-term strategy and a great way to make your organization stand out.

To build your nonprofit organization's membership, you can apply many of the same strategies that businesses use to attract customers.

Elements to look for and pay attention to when renovating the interior of a historic building.
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