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Before you sign the paperwork to form a new historic preservation group, learn about your supporters and community.

Your advocacy group's message for historic preservation will have more impact if the people who deliver know how to be clear, rational, and appealing.

Learn strategies for responding to community misunderstandings and “bad press”

How You Can Win When You Lose

You may not win every historic preservation campaign, but you can use your foundation of support to launch your next effort.

Facebook offers enormous potential to build support and raise money for your cause.

To build your nonprofit organization's membership, you can apply many of the same strategies that businesses use to attract customers.

Learn how to clean, repair, paint and maintain metal features on your historic building.

Your nonprofit board and executive director have different and complementary roles, but they must work together to ensure your organization is a success.

Guide or Instruction

Heritage and Preservation Caucuses

An Effective Tool to Advocate for Historic Preservation Public Policies

Caucuses offers the structure to create new programs and policies that respond to ever-changing preservation needs.

Many tools are available to help your historic preservation group produce and share rich and engaging multimedia content on the web.

Learn how to get started with an advocacy effort to save historic buildings and resources in your community

Guide or Instruction

Death Records Research Tips

Learn tips for using death records for family history research.

Get answers to some common questions about intellectual property for historic preservation organizations.

Classroom Materials for NHD

Learn about how to bring National History Day into your classroom, including strategies, handouts, and lesson plans

Anyone can apply for a Wisconsin Historical Marker by submitting a completed application form. Read how to do it step-by-step.

Student Guides to NHD

Learn how to create your National History Day project.

National History Day in Wisconsin

What to do before holding a National History Day event at your school

Each year member readers vote for the best original article of the volume year of the Wisconsin Magazine of History

Asking for money is never easy, but these tips suggest some easy ways to ask people to support your nonprofit organization.
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