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Date: 1905 ca.

Description: Studio portrait of a young Ho-Chunk woman, Minnie Sherman Prettyman-Bear Whitebear (AhHooSootchPaWinKah), posed sitting in front of a painted backdrop. She...

Date: 2014-08-15 

Description: Underwater view of two archaeologists measuring and surveying the site of the "Success." Much of the ship remains buried under sand.

Date:  date unknown

Description: Four women posed standing together near water. Behind them is a fence angled steeply on a bank covered with foliage.

Date: 1949-04-12 

Description: Young homemakers, Caroline Reierson, 615 Dennett Dr.,and Arveda Kuhlmey, 713 Dennett Dr., experiment with a new culinary process for cooking meat. They be...

Date: 1935 

Description: Irene Steinkopf, a former Milwaukee journalist, shops for sausage in Vienna where her husband had been assigned by the Associated Press. A bit much for two...


Lutie E. Stearns

Date: 1915-08 

Description: Candid outdoor portrait of Lutie E. Stearns, signed on the back: "yours unto death and after."

Date: 1931 

Description: View along shoreline of a bathing beach on the Wisconsin River at Pine Glen Properties. Bathers on sitting on the beach on the left. Four more people are s...


Description: A seated elderly woman wearing a hat poses for a studio portrait in front of a painted backdrop.

Date: 1980-01-17 ca.

Description: Group portrait at Horicon Marsh. Vel Phillips stands in the middle of the group wearing a coat and dark pants. The man on the far right is W. Dale Phillips...

Date: 1922 ca.

Description: Group portrait of a mother and two children sitting in a horse and buggy pulled by a single horse. In the background is a building on the shoreline of a bo...

Date: 1939 

Description: A group of people stand in a graveyard in Lemberg, Poland as German victims of a massacre are buried.


In the Garden

Date: 1899-05 

Description: William and Johanna Krueger working in the garden. Johanna is standing next to the garden fence holding a hoe. William is seated next to her on a small ben...


Homecoming Powwow

Date: 1908 ca.

Description: Ho-Chunk men and women sitting and standing around a large medicine drum in an area portioned off by canvas barriers in front of a lodge. Identified as the...


Electric Tram

Date:  date unknown

Description: View of an open electric tram car with driver and passengers.

Date:  date unknown

Description: View down street with homes and shops on either side. In the street is a man on a horse, a dog, and two horses and carriages. On the left by Doctor Ruby's...

Date: 1946-10-12 

Description: Four women preparing to conduct the annual Community Chest "Red Feather" campaign. The woman in houndstooth check hat and suit is Mrs. William (Catherine)...

Date: 1900 ca.

Description: Mrs. Kern and Jessie rowing boats on unidentified lake. The far shoreline can be seen in the background.


Alice Kent Trimpey

Date: 1930 ca.

Description: A portrait of the photographer's wife, Alice Kent Trimpey, sitting. Mrs. Trimpey was an authority on antiques and antique dolls.


Description: Copy photograph of a studio portrait of a Ho-Chunk woman posed standing on the left with her left hand on the right shoulder of a Ho-Chunk woman posed sitt...

Date: 1938-09-26 

Description: Men and women look on as people ride on the "Rocket" amusement ride at the Canadian National Exposition. The ride was owned by Miller Amusement Enterprises...

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