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Date: 1949 ca.

Description: Color photograph of International L-120, L-110, and L-130 trucks outside of a long building.

Date: 1941 

Description: Coils of chain-link fencing are piled on the back of a parked International K-5 truck used by the Chicago Fence & Equipment Company. Behind the truck men a...

Date: 1930 

Description: View across street of a group of employees, all men, posing outside their cafe. The cafe advertises Kennedy Dairy Company brand ice cream, Coca-Cola produc...


Description: View of street with cars parked along its side and people walking near storefronts.

Date: 1921 

Description: Man working on an inline truck engine at International Harvester's Akron Works. The factory was owned by the Aultman & Miller Buckeye Company until the com...

Date: 1891-10 

Description: The wreckage of a head-on collision of two Chicago, St. Paul Minneapolis & Omaha Railroad trains at Tramway. Men stand near and on top of the railroad cars...

Date: 1966 ca.

Description: Czechoslovakian film poster. Black and mustard yellow image of a carriage wheel in the bottom right corner and part of a face in the top left corner.

Date:  date unknown

Description: Drawing attached to wall depicting a man canoeing and attempting to pull an innertube or raft with a woman on board. The woman is wearing a hat and appears...

Date: 1903-06-16 

Description: View from back of stage toward men sitting in chairs listening to a man standing and speaking at the ceremony at which the cornerstone for the Eau Claire P...


Description: Thirteen men, all wearing hats, standing in a row in front of trucks and a tractor in a lot near an industrial building and chain link fence. Probably serv...

Date: 1937-10-18 

Description: Men load small packages into rolling carts in the shipping department of Emery Bird Thayer Dry Goods Co.

Date: 1915 ca.

Description: A man is operating a Mogul 15-30 tractor with a belt attached to its power take-off. A cart is parked behind the tract, and is carrying a barrel labeled "W...

Date: 1927-03-01 

Description: A man stands on a piece of equipment holding a shovel to move the contents of an International truck owned by the Ready-Mixed Concrete Corp. into a wheelba...

Date: 1900 ca.

Description: Cobblestone street with signs for R. Wallut and Company, a McCormick (and later International Harvester) agency or dealership in Paris, France. There are...


Street Scene

Date:  date unknown

Description: Street view featuring a horse-drawn carriage and an automobile.

Date: 1938 

Description: Men gather around an International D-40 truck transporting a pair of giraffes en route to the San Diego Zoo. The giraffes are contained within tall wooden...

Date: 1913 ca.

Description: Man sitting in the cab of an International Model M truck used by A. Bensley, cash butcher.


Rear Projection

Date: 1951 

Description: Production still showing the technique of rear projection. A 1951 Ford, jacked up in front so the steering wheel can turn, sits in front of a rear projecti...


Price Stagecoach

Date:  date unknown

Description: Outdoor group portrait of a stagecoach pulled by a team of two horses. A man is driving, and seven men and women are sitting and standing on top of the roo...

Date: 1913 

Description: Photographic postcard view of the aftermath of a train wreck. Survivors and onlookers are gathered on and around the railroad tracks.

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