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Date: 1795 after

Description: Map of Delaware showing counties, cities, roads, swamps, lakes, and rivers. Numerous features within the Delaware Bay include banks, shoals, and oyster be...

Biographical Book Excerpt

Tuttle, Chauncey

Date: 1796-1858

County: Rock

Biographical Book Excerpt

Thomas, John

Date: 1724-1776

Biographical Book Excerpt

Doty, James Duane

Date: 1799-1865

Newspaper Article/Clipping

Stoughton, Luke

Date: 1799-1874

Date: 1798-1888

Date: 1776 

Description: Map of New Jersey and New York, showing cities, forts, roads, counties, townships, land grants, rivers, lakes and several topographical features. Much of t...

Date: 1780 ca.

Description: This map shows the northern Pacific Ocean with North America and Asia, with cities and geographical features labeled, as well Russian, French and Spanish r...

Date: 1792-1879

Date: 1783 after

Description: Map of the north east coast of the United States, north of Virginia and east of Lake Erie. It shows the states, forts, cities, towns, mountains, Niagara Fa...

Biographical Book Excerpt

Van Den Broek, Theodore Joannes

Date: 1783-1851

County: Outagamie

Biographical Book Excerpt

Knapp, Gilbert

Date: 1798-1887

County: Racine

Biographical Book Excerpt

Eaton, Amos

Date: 1776-1842

Date: 1795-1883

Biographical Book Excerpt

Spooner, Wyman

Date: 1795-1877

County: Walworth

Biographical Book Excerpt

Miller, Lyman

Date: 1788-

Newspaper Article/Clipping

Reed, James Allen

Date: 1789-1873

County: Trempealeau

Biographical Book Excerpt

Lee, Charles

Date: 1731-1782

Date: 1718 

Description: This map shows the Mississippi River, with latitude and longitude coordinates, ad covers east to Lake Ontario and south to Illinois. The inset map (the top...

Biographical Book Excerpt

Taylor, Joseph Gillis

Date: 1796-1882

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