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Explore information about caring for the clay tile roof on your historic house.

Stateline Community Foundation

The Stateline Community Foundation is to promote the betterment of the greater Beloit community and the enhancement of the quality of life.

Find out what the difference is between a 'Contributing' and 'Non-Contributing' property to a Historic District.

Identify and determine ways to protect prefabricated metals, including cast-iron, pressed-metal, steel and aluminum elements.

Guidelines to follow when you must replace an original feature in your historic building.

Learn how to fix a door that sticks or binds in your historic building.

Apply for tax credits for historic income-producing buildings in Wisconsin.

Learn all about wood-shingled roofs and best practices for installation.

Are you planning a project inside a cemetery or mound group? Read this first.

Download the public land permit required to conduct archaeology on all non-federal public land in Wisconsin.

Learn common mistakes made when renovating a historic building and ways to avoid them.

Learn how to choose exterior paint colors for your historic building.

Learn about the benefits of cataloging a human burial site, from property tax exemptions to membership on the Registry of Interested Persons.

Brewers Community Foundation, Inc.

Offers grants to nonprofits providing quality programming in health, education, recreation and basic needs, with a focus on low income/disadvantaged youth

Review types of gutters and maintenance tips for gutters on your historic house.

Discover methods for maintaining and improving energy efficiency in a historic building.

General Information

Jeffris Family Foundation

Jeffris Family Foundation

This Grant strives to preserve the cultural history and heritage of the Midwest through the preservation of historic buildings and decorative arts.

Learn the necessary elements for historic rehabilitation project work contracts.

Want to protect a burial site and lower your property taxes at the same time? Find out how.

Black River Falls Area Foundation

The foundation welcomes grant applications from nonprofit organizations serving the Black River Falls area.
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