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All Wisconsin National Register of Historic Places listings are searchable on our website.

Learn best practices to preserve and maintain all elements of your original roof.

Learn how to get necessary approvals for your rehabilitation project.

Learn how to find the right home inspector for you.

Review unique considerations for flat roofs, including how to work with a professional roofer to replace your low-slope roof.

Learn methods of assessing the condition of the foundation, electrical, plumbing and HVAC systems of a historic building.

This grant provides funding for non-profit organizations benefitting Marathon County, Wisconsin.

Find helpful advice on choosing the right paint and supplies for your historic building.

National Park Service

Assists projects leading directly to identification, preservation, and interpretation of battlefield and/or historic sites associated with a battle.

Learn best practices to maintain and/or replace the original furnace in your historic house.

Learn about potential health hazards in old buildings.

Are you planning a project inside a cemetery or mound group? Read this first.

Explore tips for replacing or repairing roof shingles on your historic house.

Learn how to fix a door that sticks or binds in your historic building.

Have questions about the Homeowner Tax Credit Program? You're not alone. Learn the answers to the most common questions.

Brewers Community Foundation, Inc.

Offers grants to nonprofits providing quality programming in health, education, recreation and basic needs, with a focus on low income/disadvantaged youth

Dispel the most common myths about ownership and renovation of a historic building.

Review the importance of design guidelines for historic buildings and learn how to interpret them.

Best practices for restoring original paint finishes.

How to renovate upper floor space into residential units.
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