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General Information

History and Culture Grants

National Park Service

The National Park Service provides funding for the preservation, acquisition, and interpretation of various historic and cultural resources.

Learn to identify typical brick foundation problems.

Want to protect a burial site and lower your property taxes at the same time? Find out how.

Milwaukee Department of City Development

The City of Milwaukee offers matching grants to business and property owners in commercial districts to help improve the exterior facade of properties

Explore different types of historic commercial signs and ways to use them.

Learn how to repair ceramic tiles in your historic house.

Learn about assessing the condition of the structure, floors, ceilings, walls and fixtures of a historic building.

Review different types of storm doors and learn how to find the right one for your historic building.

Learn common mistakes made when renovating a historic building and ways to avoid them.

General Information

Why Buy a Historic House?

Learn the benefits of buying and renovating a historic home.

General Information

JPMorgan Chase

Economic Development and Affordable Housing Grants

Funding is available for projects intended as catalysts to meaningful, positive, and sustainable change within neighborhoods and communities.

General Information

Historic Buildings and Lead Paint

Learn to manage or remove lead paint in your historic building.

Explore best practices for painting your historic building.

Learn how to preserve or replace the metal roof on your historic building.

Search digital records on more than 140,000 historic buildings, structures and objects throughout Wisconsin.

General Information

West Foundation Grants

Ruth St. John and John Dunham West Foundation, Inc.

This grant supports organizations through the financial promotion of humanitarian, educational, charitable, cultural and civic or public purposes.

State Historic Preservation Office, Wisconsin Historical Society

This grant provides funding for the identification, evaluation, and listing of architectural and archaeological resources

Learn how to choose exterior paint colors for your historic building.

All Wisconsin National Register of Historic Places listings are searchable on our website.

See the top maintenance practices you can follow to prevent a costly rehabilitation project.
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