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David Marcou: Images of 'Found Life'

Portrait of a young La Crosse, Wisconsin, woman and her friend, 2007
WHI 58013

David Marcou's photographs are mainly "lens-gathered from found life," a philosophy he's had for more than 30 years. Much of his work embodies a holistic presentation of Wisconsin life. Marcou uses a variety of subjects including street scenes, local personalities, businesses and political campaigns, primarily in La Crosse. While many photographers neglect the mundane, Marcou's work celebrates the richness of everyday life in La Crosse and around the world. He does not generally invent or overly direct his subjects or otherwise insert his personality into his photographs. Marcou prefers to express the authenticity of life by his spontaneous style for street and event photos. In his own words, "[I] let the life of each subject flow into my lenses, as is, and shine forth from the images I've gathered." His body of work constitutes this online gallery of images in Wisconsin Historical Images.

:: Posted December 16, 2010

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