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Survey Manual

The survey manual is an online guide for historic preservation professionals. The manual establishes requirements for conducting architectural and historical surveys in Wisconsin.

Surveys serve multiple purposes. They allow us to discover information about our past, obtain data for community planning or historic preservation programs, and allow us to comply with federal legal mandates to identify properties eligible for listing in the National Register of Historic Places.

This manual is an addendum to any HPF grant-funded survey paid for by a Certified Local Government (CLG) subgrant. The survey manual requires Adobe Reader software.

Download entire Survey Manual (PDF, 84 pages, 1.88 MB)

Substantial amounts of materials and information have been collected about historic properties across the state, with over 125,000 properties recorded in the Wisconsin Historic Preservation Database (WHPD). WHPD is a subscription-only, Web-based application, which allows surveyors to add new records and update existing records in the database.

A free version called the Architecture and History Inventory is located on our Web site, but it lacks many features of the WHPD and is intended for non-professional use.


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