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Search Tips

This catalog contains descriptions of more than 12,000 newspapers and magazines that the Society has already microfilmed. We intend to expand it to include manuscripts, archival collections and books at a later date.

Your searches will be more successful if you follow these tips:

  • Omit articles such as "an" or "the".
  • Truncation is automatic: "jour" retrieves "journal," "journey" etc.
  • The lower three boxes will only retrieve newspapers.
  • Enter as few words as possible. If you get too many results, search again using one or two additional terms.
  • Don't know the newspaper's title? use only the "city" box to see all available newspapers from that place.
  • For multi-word cities and counties, use the entire phrase: "Prairie du Chien" (not "Chien" by itself)
  • To search by subjects such as "labor unions" or "genealogy" first go to the Library Catalog (formerly MadCat) or the Archives Catalog (ArCat) to identify specific titles. Then return here to see if microfilm of a specific periodical is available for sale.
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