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Conditions of Use for the Children's Clothing Collection

In accessing this tour of the Museum collections of the Wisconsin Historical Society, I acknowledge:

That I am welcome to use the information, visual and textual, provided in the tour for my own personal use, including private study, scholarship, and research;

That if I intend to redistribute, repackage, display, or sell information in this tour in any form, published or unpublished, printed or electronic, I agree to notify the Wisconsin Historical Society in advance. The Wisconsin Historical Society will require proper credit and may require a permission fee;

That all images are documentation-quality and are not intended for publication. Images are copyright © Wisconsin Historical Society, which reserves all rights. I will obtain written permission for the use of any image. The Historical Society charges publication fees for digital images. I may request publication-quality images and acknowledge that an additional photography charge will apply;

That permission for commercial use or any publication, manipulation, display or distribution is only granted by written application to the Wisconsin Historical Society. Permissions are for one-time use only, are contingent on a set of agreements, and may be obtained by contacting the Chief Curator, Paul Bourcier (pgbourcier@whs.wisc.edu);

That I will properly credit the Wisconsin Historical Society in any publication in which data and/or images are used, and that I will provide the Wisconsin Historical Society with a complimentary copy of that publication;

That if I intend to make replicas or reproductions of Museum collections based on the visual and textual information provided in this tour, I agree to notify the Wisconsin Historical Society in advance. I will arrange a licensing agreement with the Historical Society if I intend to sell replicas and reproductions. An agreement may be arranged by contacting the Chief Curator, Paul Bourcier (pgbourcier@whs.wisc.edu);

That, because of copyright restrictions, some material may not be available for public use. I assume all responsibility for questions of copyright that may arise in publishing images and data and in the creation of reproductions of collections. In some cases, copyright or other information about restrictions may be difficult to determine. Whenever possible, the Wisconsin Historical Society provides information about copyright owners and other restrictions. The Society provides such information as a service to aid patrons in determining the appropriate use of an item, but the legal determination ultimately rests with the patron. I agree to hold harmless the Wisconsin Historical Society, its officers and employees from any action involving infringement of the rights of any person or heirs and descendants in common law or under statutory copyright.

That the Historical Society reserves the right to refuse to grant permission for the use of data and images to those who have not complied with its policies;

That if I require further information about any of the artifacts in the tour or would like to arrange a visit to the Wisconsin Historical Society to examine them, I will contact the Museum Curator, Leslie Bellais (labellais@whs.wisc.edu).

That if I violate these conditions of use, I am liable for prosecution to the fullest extent allowed by law.

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